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Wink White products are first class and of high quality.

Wink White production facility adheres to all International principles of accuracy. All production processes and services comply with International accreditations such as GMP, HACCP, HALAL, ISO

All products are FDA registered.

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W Lime Soap
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    W VIT-C
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      W Coffee
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        W Dark Cocoa
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          W XS
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            W Fiber
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              W VIT-C
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                W Lime Mask
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                  W Lime Scrub
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                    W Cream
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                      W Collagen
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                        What our customers say

                        It's great Collagen! Days after taking it, my skin feels refreshed and I feel younger! Thank you so much!

                        I was 71.5 kilos before taking W XS. Now 70 kilos just after 5 days. My target weight is 60 kilos. -

                        My friend asked me what am I taking as she noticed I am losing weight. I recomended her W Fiber and Dark Choco.

                        Before taking W Fiber, I have irregular bowel activity. Thanks to W Fiber, I am happy every morning  - Aiko R.
                        When I drink Dark Cocoa at 5pm I don't eat dinner anymore. I am satisfied and no midnight snacking anymore.

                        W Fiber is the best I have tried, I can go every morning without my medication.

                        Wink White Collagen Products

                        Naturally and instantly brightens up skin complexion, helps fight free radicals, prevents premature aging, deep melasma, freckles, wrinkles and degenerates skin cells. Not only helps firming, plumping and smoothens out skin tone, it also brings back the strength of overall health, bones, joints, nails and hair.

                        Wink White Australia

                        Collagen supplements
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                        BLOATED NO MORE, LIGHT AS AIR FEELING!

                        FLUSH OUT ALL THE TOXINS!!!

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                        W Cream Boost confidence with a glowing skin. Skin is 3x more hydrated in just 1 hour. Visibly reduces the look of wrinkles in just 2 weeks

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                        W Lime Scrub & W Lime Mask

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